Cancelld comp…

So easter is upon us and here in Norway everybody heading out of the citys and to their “hytte” (cabin). As had i therefore this update will be short. Last week I was in Sweden for hanging out with old friend Rasmus Ekman ( and competeing in “Härjedalsmästerskapet i Brattkjöring”.


This was the view we had at starting point :/ They sended one or 2 guys i think before they cancelld. Thought it was the right decision because of danger to injuries and stuff when people trying to do a comp-run when you dont have visibilty. They girls did their whole class, and they had a kids-comp in morning that was cool to see. My girlfriend Katrine did weel and got a new 4th place !

Otherwise the weekend was mostly shredding around,so here is a snap-shot from my Drift GhostS

New Sponsor and X2Festivalen, XFree

Have got a new sponsor, Drift Innovation :-) Got a Drift ghost-s, a really nice camera with very useful features, like their remote. You can start/stop and change mode. Learn and see more here and


Well finaly home after this weekend. Started with Erika and Joel coming here and we took the drive down to Katrines familyplace in Hellesylt. Took us well over 6,5-7h to get there and we packed us in and started to watch the pictures of the face and some movies I had from last year.

We all found some ideas to lines and went to bed. Started with an early breakfeast and a 1h drive. We started well in time but was stopped before one of the thousends of tunnels in Norway. They told us 10min wait before we could drive thrue with car from the worksite as leading car. Damn it, riders meeting was in 10-15min. But finaly we came to the meeting and we wasn´t last and not so late at all.

We had to take to chairlift up and then a t-bar and a 10min hike to get to the face.

When scoping for line I looked on the lookers right hand side this year again, there is a nice windlip that i thought i could gap over, but when we hiked up the face I understod it wasn´t the best idea. So looked into almost the same line as last year. Started and went really good, but it had started to get hard in the shadow when so I took it really careful. Came down feeling good, had done my line and was happy with the performance. After the Alp-season and those comps Ive had a quiet wierd feeling about comps. But all good now ! Got a shared 11th place and happy with that.

My run is here

I´m very proud of my girlfriend Katrine who enterd her first freeride comp and did really well, got a 4th place !

And saturday night home in the cabin we got the news that Erika had won the women ski :-)

Joel in the sun watching, He had some unluck with his first cliff and crashed

And this upcoming weekend we are going to Funäsdalen, me for hanging out with good old friend Rasmus Ekman( and Katrine for a “girlsonly-freeride” camp. And there is a freeride comp on saturday we both gone do. Hope for good weather and it´s gone be a awesome time.

Back to Normal…..

Yep, back home working was not as fun as I remember. But you have to get some cash in right ! Not so much to write now tho, but will have some weekends left with some fun missions.

Last weekend we where in to Åre and was skiing with all the good old friends there, it was cloudy but warm so slushy shredd ! It´s was fun and felt quiet good about my foot and knee. And i got the result from my MRI aswell, not so good but all good i think. Have a little tiny rupture in my meniscus but they recomend that I just go to a Physio and train it up.

Now we are packing the car and heading towards and their freeride-comp Xfree. That will happend on friday and the weather looking good, sunny and warm. They have moved around to some different faces but now stopped at the one we did last yeat, really liked that face. It´s wide and you can really choose a line of your own, so many different options !



That´s the face from last year, will be fun to see it this year. Last year it was really sketchy aswell due to snow, it was a layer of crust you went true so when the skis turned you better just hold on. I had alot of pain last year so didn´t really could do anything and I´m super happy that we are going on the same face again.

And here you have a video of my run from last year, not so big but fast and fluid and took me to finals :-)

Xfree 2013 qualification from Mattias Lindqvist on Vimeo.

p.s And after the weekend I will have some nice news…. ;-)

A few days back home…..

So after a long drive home I´m finaly have time to write something. We first went to Engelberg to pic up Fredrik. Then we headed to Rostock for a ferry towards Trelleborg. Only problem was that we missed 1(one) exit on the freeway and that forced us into a big que :( 10km took us over 1h to get by. But you can´t really do anything about it so just laughing away and then we headed towards autobahn.

Then it flowed really well, we was arriving at the ferry around 5-6 in the morning and the ferry left around 7:45. Booked us in and then put the car in the que with the radio on, And of course we fell asleep for 1h. Trying to start the car, No we had a dead battery :P
So Just backing the car out and then started to run it, the other car there didn´t have any cables :P Must been a funny view for all the people around. When we got on to the ferry atleast we asked if they had any cabins left, yes they had, a 4-beds for 45euro ! That was so nice after 12h in the car, to lay down and sleep. After Trelleborg just 350km on good old swedish freeways.

Left Fredrik at the trainstation next morning, spended a day with Katrine around Gothenborg before her bus left for her aswell. Then in to town for a few beers with old friends. Saturday was Rugby with my old team here in Gothenborg, that´s was fun, dead tho.

Found an very old newspaper article from when I competed in the local cross-country skiing comps. (in Swedish tho)

The future brings first rugby tournament in Oslo, and then head up to Trondheim for work. And i finaly got me an MRI for my knee so i can figure that out for real.

Last Few Days…..

So my time here in Nendaz is going to it´s end, going home sometime next week. Feels both wierd and right at the same time. Will be good to take care of some stuff back home and work for real again. And of course touring and discover more
of what Norway have to offer. Will be spending some time in Åre aswell of course. Now we have had the last snowfall I will experince in the alps this season, it came maybee 10-20cm good,cold and white gold on monday. Been out quiet relaxed this week, the
last high-season week and crowded in the mornings, then we can have a sleep in and then go out when everybody headed over to Verbier and missed all the good snow still to be found around Nendaz. Now when we are in the last few weeks and you had your dose of powder you are a bit more chill and can really take your time going down and find fun stuff to do, you will see it futher down in the pictures.

My time down here hasn´t been what i was thinking, due to missed comps and that my knee hurted again and on top of all I twisted my ankel. Of course same leg as knee, so that has been a struggle to do what you planning before the season.
But hey, it´s been an awesome time and I have a bunch of days to really rembember and i´m happy to go home.

The very very early schedule i have for time back home is that I´m going to Örsta,Norway to the to attend Xfree, their freeride comp. Was there last year and had a good time and it´s was a fun venue. And they are trying with
a diffrent judging system, they divide the startingfield in groups and the say last group judging the first, and so on. Then they have 2 experinced judges asweel. I think in the qualifications the judges had 30% and then in final they had 50%.
Really fun to experince that again. Then after that it´s Åre or some place in Norway and then trying to go to FWQ RÖldal. That´s Norways final comp. and the people i talked to that has been there say it´s awesome, so I´m trying that. Then I got the confirmation mail about NM in Riksgränsen today superhappy about that. So it´s gone be busy times back home aswell.

A shot from when we where in Chamonix from Simon brandelind (
found an awesome spot in the forest, taken by Joel Burman by the crew
taken by my girlfriend Katrine Ringdal
taken by Joel Burman by the crew
taken by Joel Burman by the crew
a nice 360 taken by Joel Burman by the crew
And here I was behind the camera on a slow day that started with coffe on the top and then, yeah we should try backside Mt. Fort and we did ! You see by yourself how it was :)


This was all for now :)

Chamonix, Valle Blanche – Grand Envers

So long time since last time i wrote something, after Morgins i worked more and didn´t really skied for real so much. Just skiing to work and some chill runs for my self. That was really needed and it was good to have work so i kinda had to go up skiing otherwise it sure could be a week without skiing, and that is not so fun.

So what happends since last time, we went to Chamonix with the plan to ski something fun and steep. Due to not enough equipment and we where to many we gave up all the steep plans and just did a chill and relaxed day and skied Valle Blanche Grand Envers. Was really cool to get some of the Cham-vibe and see all the lines you could do. Really want to spend some time there and see the real Chamonix. Not to much to say about it really, a mellow run with a few pow-spots :-)

So here is some pictures !

aguille de midi
Aguille du midi

Lunch in the sun

Edvin Burman, Follow him on

fredrik nordqvist
Fredrik Nordqvist rocking Downskis Countdown 0s

simon brandelind
Simon Brandelind, Follow him on

Walking home

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